Who are we

Our History
PFC Foods is a brand owned by Metatek Engineering Pvt. Ltd. We are a 4 decade old company into high value engineering and a name to reckon with in White Metal Engineering Solutions. The company orginated from an Engineer’s desire to create Engineering solution in India instead of being dependent on the Developed countries. In that sense we have believed in Atmanirbhar India from begining.

PFC Foods is conceived in same direction to provide world class food trends in India which can be healthy alternative to people who love food, without compromising on taste in nay ways. The platter is created by best in the world and produced at a facility certified for standards by European Food Agency.

What We Do?

How are we the best? Our products are crafted by best in the world food solution. Our Quality teams ensure that the products taste as close as the original meat products. The manufacturing processes ensure that the good nutrients like protein etc are present to the optimum quantify possible. Of course the products are manufactured under best in class set up.